Saturday, August 30, 2008


Gemma Ramirez Lavapie, that lovely and sweet Administrative Officer of a security agency, whom I fondly call ‘insan (cousin), dropped by our office one afternoon for an official business and told me she read my blog.

She asked me if my older post, “An Untold Story of Heroism”, was a true story. I said yes. Since it happened several years ago, she said it was good I could still remember everything.

The truth is, I was not certain of the date Nilda and I met for the second time. I could no longer recall if that really took place during my freshman year in the high school or a year before that. What I was certain about, though, was when we met for that second time, she was with Linda, Ine’s elder sister.

I have yet to see Linda and ask her of the dates she attended high school in order for me to make the necessary correction.

I also told Gemma the reason why I posted such kind of an “assuming” or “immodest” article. I have a very low self-esteem and thinking about the good things I did in the past will help me boost my morale. That was one of the good lessons I learned from my Training Instructor in a seminar that I attended during my employment with the now defunct United States Naval Base in Subic Bay.

Anyway, thanks, Gemma, for reading my blog and for your comments!

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