Monday, February 23, 2009


I was able to read Joel Lumen’s post on his acceptance of the Honest Scrap Award for his blog, The Daily Grind. Oh, what a humble man!

I have been blogging since April of last year and if I will only look back, I'll find out that I have gone quite far from where I started.

Save for the most basic, I knew nothing about the computer then, especially about the Internet. And, honestly, I didn’t even know what the word “blog” meant.

Social networking has a lot to do with how I was able to get into blogging. For it was a friend in a social networking site who taught me much about it. I learned from the messages we exchanged and the emails containing detailed instructions on the many “how to’s” that he sent me to finish the initial entry of the blog I started.

That guy was Joel Lumen, the author of The Daily Grind, who was instrumental in my entry to the blogging world, and one of those to whom I passed the Honest Scrap Award.

It was so humble of Joel to refer to his blog as “nonsense” and “senseless”. But it was from that same blog's form and substance where my very own blog was patterned, such that if A Friend Named Goddy received an award, should The Daily Grind from where it was patterned not likewise receive its own?

And if a student was honored for a job well done, should his mentor to whom he owes the techniques of doing that job not have a share of that honor as well?

Well, oh yes, Joel, maybe you don’t deserve that award. But only because you deserve an award of far greater value than that.

Congratulations again, dear friend! And thank you, dear mentor!


Ηλίας Θαλάσσης, ilias thalassis said...

Γεια σου φίλε μου

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

nice post Goddy! keep up the good work :)

Goddy said...

Thanks, RhonB, for the great encouragement!

Ron Centeno said...

You're just as humble Goddy. Great post.

Did you get my e-mail? Hehehehe! I'm curious who you were referring to. :-) I have no idea, so i can't guess. My regards...i'm humbled and flattered. Till your next post my friend!

Ces is my biggest support, she not the jealous type. Hehehehehe!

Chronicler said...

Thank you so much Goddy. Aside from the Honest Scrap award that you bestowed on me, you wrote an entry in your blog about The Daily Grind. I'm so humbled, my friend. Honestly I'm not sure if I deserve this. To tell you frankly, this pushed me to work more on my blog and try to make it more deserving to its title that I gave. Thank you so much, my friend.

Ron Centeno said...

I know you've been busy, pero i want you to know that, you've been tagged "Right Now!"

Hehehehe! Paki basa nalang sa In My Own Words.