Monday, March 23, 2009


(Ombok’s Assignment)

Deforestation is another environmental problem our country and other nations face at present. This problem can easily be felt and obviously seen. One of the root causes of the unusually hot temperature not only in summer but also during rainy days as well as the occurrence of natural catastrophes such as floods and landslides can be traced to our vanishing forests. We can also put the blame on the rapidly increasing population that has growing needs for real estates and materials for everyday living. Each day, acres and acres of lands, both on level lands and on hillsides and mountaintops, are lost to the development of subdivisions both for commercial and residential uses.

Trees are part of our natural environment and are essential to life. They give us our most basic needs—oxygen, foods, and shelter. Unless properly protected and preserved, these essential part of our environment cannot provide us of our needs.

The government and the private sector must join hands in taking care of our forests. On the part of the government, it must review licenses and permits it granted to persons or groups with logging concessions. Every tree cut down must at once be replaced. If their logging operations cause more harm than good to the public, their permits must be recalled or cancelled. On the part of the private sector, especially those engaged in the manufacture of products made from trees, their logging operations must be carefully watched and regulated.

We must all be aware that there are certain ecological sites that must not be touched or disturbed. We must at all times think that we live in one planet and one person insensibly using its resources affects everyone.