Monday, March 23, 2009


When I was in the high school, it was part of my daily routine to make school assignments for classmates, friends, neighbors, and other schoolmates. I even remember making an assignment in Math or Algebra of one college freshman from the University of Santo Tomas—finding her college subject being just a review of our high school Math or Algebra.

Quite ironic, though, I was not very much concerned about making my own assignments. But when I went home. I’d find waiting for me a pile of notebooks half-foot in height from different high school students of different year levels.

I was going through some of my things one day when I came across copies of some assignments I made for some students couples of years ago. Not knowing what to do with them, I thought they’d find a better place in this blog.

(Vanessa’s Assignment)

One of the most serious environmental problems of our country today is the garbage problem. From time to time, we see tons of garbage being properly or improperly dumped by people around us and collected by government garbage trucks for dumping in the sanitary landfill.

We cannot avoid having trash. Some things, like foods, are perishable and are subject to decay. Other things outgrow their usefulness and eventually become waste materials. But they have to be disposed of properly or they will be eyesores or, worse, pose as health hazard to the public.

Some solutions to the garbage problem are as follows:
  • Have separate containers for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials. This will make sorting of garbage much easier.
  • Recycle waste materials. For example, old newspapers can be used as wrappers. Bond papers or pad papers that have no writing on the back side can still be used. Reuse old plastic bags instead of buying new ones.
  • Burn combustible waste materials in a secure and safe compost pit.
  • For the non-bioldegradable waste materials, have them collected and sold to junk buyers.

Garbage need not be too much of a problem. In fact, they are really still useful and help us save money. Scavengers make a living out of mountains of trash in landfills. As others say, “There is cash in trash.”


Ron Centeno said...

Hehehehehe! Tama ka dyan PAreng Goddy! Kahit basura mapagku- kwartahan din.

BTW. Meron naman akong tag para sa yo. Actually there's more to come.:-)

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