Friday, April 17, 2009


When it rains, it pours!

The fifth of five awards for A Friend Named Goddy in just a span of a little more than two months! I just can’t believe it! But I have to look at it as positively as I could. Else, awards will be devoid of meaning.

Recognition from blogging friends is more than a flattery. It’s an appreciation for someone else’s accomplishment; for a job or jobs well done! It’s an encouragement or motivation for someone to continue doing something good he or she has started.

Thank you, NJ (or Nereus Jethro, for that matter) of Desert Aquaforce and Sherwin Calalang of Mokong (Anu'ng Nasa Isip Ko!) for sharing this award with a A Friend Named Goddy!

As what NJ has done, despite the absence of rules on the giving of this recognition, I am also passing this award to the following deserving bloggers:

RhonB of PIN(K)OY
Ron Centeno of In My Own Words
Czel of Vanity’s Child
Joel Lumen of The Daily Grind
Roy of The Struggling Blogger dot com
Vincent La Madrid of My Scented Life… Vince
Irish of Irish on Bizz
Pia of Color it Green
JessQ of Buhilaman sa Bukid Malindang
Dennis Dumaup of The Absurb Mind
Xprosaic’s World
The Heart of a Clown – by ReelJ
Jay Castillo of Work-Life Balance
Jaypee of Jaytography


Ron Centeno said...

Thank you kaibigan sa award. Salamat sa walang sawang pag supporta mo at sa pagiging una kong kaibigan sa mundo ng blog.

Goddy said...

Wow! You've already left a comment kahit 'di pa ako tapos. Just can't finish editing this post kasi uncooperative ang computer or there was a technical problem. Anyway, sino naman ang hindi magre-rating ng mataas sa iyo... sino'ng hindi magbibigay ng award sa blog mo--kita naman ang ebidensiya! In fact, alam ko ngang mayroon nang nagbigay sa iyo nito. Just the same, I passed the award to you kasi gusto ko bigyan din kita ng award na ito. Tsaka, ganda ng trophy, 'di ba? Congrats uli, friend!

The Pope said...

Congratulations, you really deserve this award, the same reason I keep on coming back to read your blog.

And thank you for sharing and passing this beautiful trophy to me, maraming salamat po.

denzmeister said...

Ui Goddy thanks for this another award. hehe.. ang ganda ng pix parang ang sarap kunin yung musmong plaque hehe.. anyways thanks Goddy! Sana next time mauna akong makakuha ng iabng awards para makabawi naman ako sayo. =) God Bless!

I am Xprosaic said...

Thanks goddy! Salamat ng marami sa award... I truly appreciate it.... Ganda talaga ng trophy! sarap iprint! wahahahahhaha....Ingats kaibigan!

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

Hi Goddy...thanks so much for passing this award to me...again! Grabe dami talagang nag-aaward sa yo. Truly your blog has become prominent na. Congrats ha!

As always, take care :)

Chronicler said...

Congrats my friend. Truly this is the Blog Awards season and you never forget to pass these awards with your blogging friend, including me. I'm so honored. Thanks a lot for sharing this award to my blog.

Goddy said...

I edited this particular entry. I visited Sherwin's (Pareng Moks') blog and found out that he also shared "The Blogger Award" with me. I have to thank him for that. Pareng Moks received said award from another blogger earlier than I received it. But, perhaps, I posted my acceptance entry earlier than he posted his and I did not know he shared the same award with me. Thanks, Pareng Moks! Your friendship means much more than all the awards in Cyberspace.

irish on bizz said...

haleeer!! thanks po again for this award and congratulations too!!

ganda ng award,professional ang dating hehehe

thanks po again!

Mokong™ said...


violet said...


congrats sa'yo at sa iyong blog!


salamat-salamat sa pagbahagi ng award sa "Silip..." ^_^

ipo-post ko yan!


Millionaire@age20 said...

Congratulations sir for receiving the blogger awards! Thank you for adding me too.

I am actually still starting in the blogosphere world. And I am humbled to be welcomed by great bloggers like you! Thanks!

Millionaire@age20 said...

Thanks Friend! And also Congratulations to your blogger awards! Thanks for welcoming me into the blogger world by reading my blog. I'm just starting my journey in this nice blog world.

Mikes said...

Hi Goody!

Here's my award to you! Thanks!


Ron Centeno said...

Thank you my friend for dropping by. Hehehe! I saw your comment on Rhon B's blog looking for me. Naging lost and found area tuloy si Rhon. :-). Thanks for your concern my friend. Been really busy with real life. It seems like a lot is going on with you.

Take care and my regards to Rhon and Czel.

nenoneno said...

wow another great award you've got! congrats! :)

thanks for visiting me back! :D