Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am embedding the latest or one of the latest videos (as of this date) of Vincent Bueno on YouTube. It was uploaded by suitcase101285. The title of the video, Vincent Bueno a.k.a. Suitcase – Superficialboy, implies Vincent Bueno is suitcase and was the one who uploaded said video on YouTube.

Vincent Bueno’s performances have always fascinated me. From the very first time I saw him sing and dance (on video), he has stunned me by his awesome performance. Like a touch of magic, Vince’s singing and dancing affected me positively, moved me to write, and was the very reason why I started blogging. I recall that my initial blog post was about Vincent Bueno—Vincent Bueno – More Than a Musical Superstar.

I invite you once again to watch Pinoy Pride and world-class performer, Vincent Bueno, in the video below uploaded by suitcase101285 on YouTube.



CZEL said...

thanks for sharing this kuya Goddy. Vincent Bueno is really a total performer, ako rin, sobrang naa-amaze everytime i watch him perform (kahit sa youtube lang). haayy.. kelan kaya tayo makakapanood ng live performance nya? ;)f

Goddy said...

Thanks very much, Czel! It's so nice to know there are people with taste like mine. There are times I become very discriminating--especially in my choice of performers. I go for one with superior or exceptional traits and skills. Well, Vincent Bueno has the looks, the voice, the moves. Mahusay siya talaga. I believe hindi lang tayo ang nangangarap na mapanood siyang mag-perform live. Czel, gawa ka naman ng GROUP ACCOUNT for VINCENT BUENO's FAN, say sa Facebook. It's nice to join a group na pareho ng taste and interest ng mga members. Thanks uli, Czel. God bless!