Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Marcelito belting out On The Wings of Love during PGT2 semi-finals
(video uploaded by ocirneose on

I enjoy watching Marcelito Pomoy doing his thing. His unique singing style is so amusing and has always left me craving for more such that whenever I start watching him perform on videos, I always wind up searching for more of his performances on youtube.

I particularly liked his remarkable performance in the semi-finals of PGT Season 2 where he belted out "On The Wings Of Love". In one of my searches for this particular song on, I came across a video clip uploaded by spiderdivanez1 where Marcelito is pitted against four other male divas. (See video below)

I find it interesting to compare Marcelito's rendition of "On The Wings Of Love" with others who belted out the same song.

I have also embedded Regine Velasquez's version in a video uploaded by RegineVelasquezTV to complete the list. (See video below)

Whose performance is the best?

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Goddy said...

It's Marcelito's!