Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Background: Vincent Bueno's photos from vincentbueno.com,
digitalpinoy.org and his MySpace.com page

Social networking on the Internet has gained wide spread popularity not only among the younger set but the senior citizens as well.

I, myself, signed up for membership in a couple of social networking sites and really found it quite fun.

There is a portion in the My Profile’s page of a member’s account that tells about some important information and characteristics of the member. That is the About Me portion. And the information are entered by the member himself.

My particular self-description entered on that aforementioned portion is as follows:

“I believe I belong to the creative arts. I love music, I compose verses, and I sketch a little. Too, I have a penchant for writing. I am maverick, outspoken, and too good to be true. I cannot sing and dance the way others do, but I love to listen to their songs and to watch them dance. I have not outgrown my love for music.

“I consider VINCENT BUENO my rescuer… my hero! My extraordinary fondness for him and love for his passionate singing and graceful dancing as well as the pride in myself that I automatically gained (being a Filipino) upon the world's recognition of his great talents, liberated me from the fears and anxieties that had possessed and enslaved me for decades. Vincent Bueno is God’s instrument in setting me free!

“Excerpts from my neuro-psychiatric test result: ‘Possessing an above-normal I.Q., combined with a talent to communicate and express his sentiments, subject can possibly adopt to almost any situation. Patience, optimism, sociability—these are his tools to his success in life…’”

I am posting this simple article purposely to emphasize the very important role Vincent Bueno has played in my life. For I owe him a debt of gratitude.

I know even Vincent Bueno himself would be puzzled by this declaration. Hopefully, in some future blog entries, I’ll be able to further expound on this topic. And they are coming.