Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The amazing Bruno Mars

In his Manila concert at the Araneta Coliseum last April 8, 2011, Bruno Mars stated, “Guys, I want you to know one thing: I’m very, very proud to say that I’m a Filipino.”

That declaration stirred national pride among Filipinos as the audience responded with approval and wild cheers.

Shortly after that live performance, I read somewhere on the Net about someone’s comment regarding Bruno Mars’ statement. He said Bruno Mars said that in a crowd comprising mostly of Filipinos and asked in a sort of discussion that he started on that web page if there was a video or written interview done outside of the Philippines where Bruno Mars made the same declaration. He, however, added that he likes Bruno Mars’ songs.

Joining that sort of discussion, a reader stated Bruno Mars is both of Filipino and Boricua (Puerto Rican) descent and is inclined to say or claim both depending on where the concert is being held (implying, perhaps, that Bruno Mars said that to please the audience).

Bruno Mars, Peter Gene Hernandez in real life, is the son of Bernadette Bayot, a Filipina, and Peter Hernandez, a Puerto Rican.

Objectively, Bruno Mars won’t be his person if he will be seen only as a Filipino. Neither would he be himself if he is seen only as a Puerto Rican. We should all realistically embrace the truth that Bruno Mars is a product of the blending of two beautiful races or nationalities—Filipino and Puerto Rican.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Bruno Mars is a native Hawaiian. And since Hawaii is a state of the U.S.A., he is also an American.

With his songs Just The Way You Are, Grenade, Billionaire, Nothin’ On You, Count On Me, The Lazy Song, etc. being sung by almost everyone and almost everywhere in the planet, Bruno Mars now belongs to the whole world.

Just as how we all love his beautiful voice and music, let us all love and be proud of Bruno Mars for what he is made—just the way he is! And most importantly, as what he has claimed, for being one of us—FILIPINO!