Friday, October 1, 2010


(Note: This blog entry was my particular assignment in a group report in a Management class when I was still studying at the University of the Philippines Extension Program in Olongapo. I am publishing it in this blog believing it makes sense.)

A. Critique.

Performance evaluation system as a management tool in appraising employees’ work performance can have some negative repercussions not only on employees rated below the outstanding mark but also on the organization as a whole.

While it is true superior performance must be recognized, it cannot be denied that such rating cannot come about without taking into consideration other employees’ performance, comparison being a basis for or a method of performance appraisal. Thus, when one or more employees are given a rating of outstanding, surely, others are rated below that rating. The implication can be that other employees are inferior or low performers, and that can be shattering to their ego. Worse, if the employees don’t agree with the rating, and such disagreement isn’t settled, they might feel resentful, and animosities and intrigue among employees might ensue.

As a consequence, they might not be motivated to work resulting in the deterioration of their work performance thereby defeating the very purpose for which performance appraisal is being done.

There is also a tendency for performance evaluation to be used (or be misused, for that matter) as an instrument for personal vengeance by those in power and authority, especially so that one Poor rating or two successive Unsatisfactory ratings for an employee can be a ground for separation from the service.

During the time of the now defunct United States Facility in Subic Bay, performance evaluation was associated with grand incentives—not only certificates of recognition or plaques of appreciation and the accompanying cash awards but even the chance to work and live in the “land overflowing with milk and honey”. Employees who rendered service with the U.S. Government (outside of the U.S.) for 15 or more years were given the privilege to apply for special immigrant in the United States. But the Special Immigrant Program is not merely a reward for length of service. Employees should be able to present a number of certificates of awards to the U.S. Embassy as proof of their outstanding performance. This privilege can easily be lost as a result of actions of vindictive supervisors who unjustly rate their subordinates due to ill feelings they harbor against them.

There might also be instances when the rater does not know the mechanics of making an evaluation and the rating he gives may not reflect the actual performance of the employees, thus, resulting in erroneous and unjust appraisal.

B. Recommendation

Performance evaluation should be accurate and credible if it is to serve its intended purpose.

Since the rater plays a major role in performance appraisal and is the key personnel influencing its outcome, accuracy and credibility of the report depend much on him. It is, therefore, imperative that placement and selection of personnel be based on the merit and fitness system of the Civil Service Commission to ensure public organizations of personnel highly capable of carrying out organizational functions and program activities geared towards attaining organizational goals and objectives.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ms. Leony C. de la Llana, Senior Vice President and Head, Customer Retail Services of the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), was invited by the Total Quality Management (TQM) Office of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) to be the Resource Speaker at the Subic Quality Forum held at the Board Room of Building 229 (SBMA’s Administration building) last June 11, 2010.

The Forum was attended by SBMA’s high ranking officials that included Atty. Joy Alvarado, Senior Deputy Administrator and Head, Regulatory Group; Atty. Robert S. Martinez, Deputy Administrator (DA) for Administration; Ms. Knette Fernando, DA for Corporate Communications; Mr. Joel Ea, Manager, Internal Audit Service Department; Ms. Paulita Yee, Manager, Treasury Department; Ms. Amy Canonizado, Manager, Accounting Department; Ms. Amethya de la Llana-Koval, Department Manager, Ecology Center; Ms. Marietta Fe Dumlao, Officer in Charge, Transportation and Communications Department; Mr. Joey Lacanlale, Officer in Charge, Management Information System (MIS) Office; and other SBMA and locators’ officials or their representatives.

Ms. De la Llana’s presentation was titled “The Theory and Practice of TQM” and cited MERALCO’s experience relevant to the topics she discussed.

In her very lively discussion, Ms. De la Llana cited her experiences when she was TQM head of MERALCO, and strongly stressed the importance of the head of the organization to believe in the concept of Total Quality Management pointing out that, without it, nothing will happen. She added that, “even if you give me the best TQM expert… the best TQM consultant, if the leader is not a TQM champion and not ready to do it with me, no deal!”

Ms. De la Llana also reminded her audience that TQM is a way of life directed towards the satisfaction of the internal and external customers of the organization. She emphasized that “it is not something I will do because the boss is here… it is a way of life that we should embrace,” and that “it is applicable both to your personal life as well as your official life.” She likened 5S of TQM to the way “how you organize your life... your kitchen... your cabinet...”

According to Ms. De la Llana, another process essential to TQM is "transformation". She pointed out that “we cannot go into TQM unless we go into restructuring process; not unless we reinvent the way we do things; not unless we reengineer some of our processes and empower our people”. She quickly added, however, that “we can only empower people if they have the skills and competence”.

Ms. Leonisa Cuayo-de la Llana has a Master’s degree in Economics from the Utah State University, U.S.A. and earned her BS degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. She was a College Scholar at the U.P. School of Economics and recipient of the Dean’s Medal for Excellence.

In her 28 years of service in MERALCO, the country’s leading power distribution company, Ms. Leony de la Llana has held top positions and became the first woman ever in that company to get to the position of Vice President.

Ms. Leony de la Llana has had various speaking engagements in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and in the Philippines and has delivered various papers on many subjects and topics which included Human Resource Management Update, Harnessing Executive Talent & Potentials, HR and Corporate Planning, Leadership and Organization Transformation, Business Excellence and ISO Certification, and Women in the Workplace, among others.

A high level speaker, Ms. De la Llana did her thing with passion and articulateness fascinating what seemed like a “star-struck” audience very much like how an amazing performance in a television talent search wowed both the judges and the audience.

Below are photographs of the just-concluded Subic Quality Forum.

Ms. Leony de la Llana, Quality Speaker, arrived earlier than the scheduled time

Mr. Buds Fernando and Atty. Joy Alvarado chat with the Resource Speaker

Sir Buds Fernando introducing the Resource Speaker

Beauty-and-brain Leonisa Cuayo-de la Llana, the Resource Speaker

Ms. Leony de la Llana starts her presentation

Participants easily got fascinated by the very bright and articulate Speaker

Leony de la Llana reads the outline of her topic

Senior Deputy Administrator, Deputy Administors, & Department Managers among the participants

OIC of Ecology Center; Senior Deputy Administrator Alvarado; OIC of Transcom Dept., DM of Accounting Dept., DM of Treasury Dept. in attendance

The Resource Speaker cites the MERALCO experience

"We in MERALCO, when we say 7:30 am, it has to be 7:30 am..."

The Question and Answer portion of the Forum

Ms. Leony de la Llana intelligently answers questions

"Total Quality Management" class picture

Tin-Tin Geronimo, Media Relations Office; SDA Joy Alvarado, Regulatory Group;
Ms. Leony Cuayo-de la Llana; & Amethya de la Llana-Koval, OIC, Ecology CenterQuality people sharing common interests

Goddy Ramirez and other SBMA TQM Office staff

The talk continues even at lunch time

Mr. Bubong Antonio, Ms. Leony de la Llana, Mr. Buds Fernando, & Mr. Noli Manuel

Ms. Leony Cuayo-de la Llana, Senior Vice President, MERALCO

Quality people at a quality restaurant with quality foods

Ms. Leony de la Llana attentively listens to Mr. Bubong Antonio

TQM heads, private and otherwise

Leony, Goddy, & Buds

Goddy approaches Leony for a souvenir photo

One shot

One more

And another one

Two old friends and former classmates meet again

Classmates no more but still friends

Thank you, Ms. Leony Cuayo-de la Llana for your invaluable contribution to the Subic Quality Club and SBMA!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Goddy with Loraine (Taken in front of San Pablo City Cathedral)

Affirmations are positive statements or basic ideas about ourselves that we want to happen or take place in our lives. They lift us up when we're down and help increase our self-esteem. It is a sort of mind-setting or conditioning ourselves to thinking what we may actually are not at the moment but what we desire to be or what we really want to experience at some future time.

I listed some self-affirmations which I silently say to myself whenever some ill-intentioned people try to put me down. Whenever I jog or take a brisk walk at the Tapinac Oval, I say them aloud. I am sharing them with you...

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I forgive and release all those who have wronged and hurt me.

I like myself.

I am proud of myself.

I am at peace with myself.

I am at peace with God.

I love God.

I receive God's forgiveness and blessings.

I feel God's love.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here's another video clip of Vincent Bueno that I enjoyed watching and am sharing with you dear readers.

The video was uploaded by musicalswien on YouTube.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Listen to another great song from Vincent Bueno - his version of Bleeding Love.

Video uploaded by pauri100 on YouTube

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For the sake of those who have not seen it yet and for those who want to see it again, I am PROUDLY featuring the video clip where Vincent Bueno performed Hair.

's performance of Hair was his first television appearance in the Musical! Die Show, a reality talent competition in Vienna, Austria that started sometime in the last quarter of 2007 and wound up in January of 2008. Vincent Bueno was declared winner in the said contest.

Vincent's performance was characterized by passionate singing, strong stage presence, powerful as well as beautiful voice, and very graceful body movements.

The audience responded to his superb performance with cheers and wild applause and easily made him the favorite of the crowd as well as the judges. In fact, he was reportedly dubbed as the "darling of the jury".

Hair is one of Vincent Bueno's great performances in the reality talent show.

The above video clip was uploaded by
MSTLuna on YouTube.