Sunday, October 9, 2011


Vincent Bueno's performance of "Singin' in the Rain"
(Video downloaded from

Vincent Bueno uploaded a video of "Singin' in the Rain" by Jamie Cullum on his Facebook account. I posted a comment on that video where I mentioned I am uploading his (Vincent's) version of the song on this blog as soon as I am certain there will be no legal implication in doing so.

I downloaded the video from just couples of weeks after Vincent's win in Austria's Musical: Die Show as Grand Winner and just as I was trying to learn the technical aspect of blogging--including the downloading of videos from the Internet.

The said video is no longer available on Although I was able to download it, I failed to get the name of the person who uploaded it so I can properly give credit in case I use said video for blogging purposes.

"Singin' in the Rain", Vincent's version, is my most-watched video. I am quite certain I have watched this video perhaps a thousand times or more. No exaggeration at that. I remember I watched it for the whole year--except on Good Friday to respect the holiness of the day.

I watched it just after saying my morning prayer upon rising, watched it again during break time at work, and before I went to sleep. This is, of course, aside from watching other Vincent's videos like Hair, I Wanna Be Like You, Grease Lightning, and Music of the Night that I all likewise loved so much. All these videos were Vincent's actual performances in the reality TV talent search which were responded with thundering applause and some by standing ovation by the audience.

It is my belief that had Vincent's reality-TV-talent-search experience happened here in the Philippines, he would have been more popular and better recognized here for his excellent performances. But then, maybe he would not be that popular in Austria where the cash prize he won was more than what he would have won in the local counterpart of the contest.

Anyway, I love "Singin' in the Rain". It is my most favorite of all Vincent's performances. It has both beautiful and happy melody. It really makes my heart sing. Also, the video was where I first saw Vincent sing and dance. And I was very much impressed with his performance.

During the time I fell in love with the song, my life was laden with problems and sorrows. There were problems in all areas of my life, and everywhere--at home, in the workplace, everywhere!

It was also during that time when a doctor in the Subic Dispensary and a cardiologist in the Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital in Cabanatuan City told me there was finding in my ECG results. It was during this time when I was feeling very, very weak and very much afraid.

"Singin' in the Rain" became a sort of self-affirmation to me. I AM HAPPY--despite the rain. I AM SINGING AND DANCING--despite life's insurmountable problems. I am not negatively affected by problems that have enveloped me.

I sang this song when I jogged or took a brisk walk at Olongapo's Tapinac Oval--everyday.

I sang this song while walking and as I headed for work.

I sang or hummed this song when I walked on the hallway of the building where our office is housed. And everyone who heard me sing or hum could not help but sing or hum this song, too. Even Aling Helen, our janitress, was also singing this song. Ask her.

After a year or a little more than a year, when I had my annual physical examination again, the nurse who conducted my ECG told me, "It's okay, sir. It's normal." Praise the Lord! To where shall I attribute the healing aside from jogging and brisk walking if not to positive thinking thru singing that song and my fondness for its singer--Vincent!

Well, it's mid-October. Pretty soon, the rainy season would be over. I don't like the floods! But I do love the rain. So, before the rainy season winds up, as the rain rhythmically falls from the heavens, I'll get out and sing in the rain (a la Vincent Bueno--with matching umbrella--but minus the backflip and break dance, of course).

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Marcelito with Kris - No trace of unhappy childhood
(Photo from

I got Ms. Gina Montoya's message on Facebook (fb) requesting me to cover the event of Marcelito Pomoy's grand fans day on October 1st and make a blog post out of it.

How I would love to go and be counted! But unfortunately, I wasn't able to do so for some good (or should I say bad?) reasons.

First, there was another typhoon ("Quiel") and many areas I will have to pass to get to the venue of the celebration were under flood waters.

Second, we've just cleared our area of trash left by "Pedring" and have just cleaned the mess on the ground floor of the house where I live after the thigh-deep flood waters subsided. And it was good my room is on the second floor so my personal belongings were spared from being damaged.

Third, I was ill-prepared. That is, I have yet to purchase a new digital camera to record the event as the one I was using was stolen sometime last year.

Fourth, I really am NOT a professional writer and am afraid I might fall short of Ms. Gina's expectations.

And some other minor reasons.

Ms. Gina who lives in Madrid, Spain and who works in Switzerland or Belgium (as her fb profile indicated) is a new friend of mine on fb and apparently is another die-hard Marcelito Pomoy fan. She (as well as other Marsianz and Marcenatics) was able to access my blog and read its entries because John Pel Fajura (Marsianz founder) linked my blog to Marcelito Pomoy's fanpages.

At times I could not help but smile seeing that Goddy: A Fighting Spirit is turning out to be a virtual Marcelito Pomoy's fanpage. Well, I don't mind! After all, I'm an avid fan of Marcelito, too. Just like them.

I didn't mean to disappoint Ms. Gina. But I just couldn't help it. In lieu of her request, however, and since she's a fan of the K-Mars tandem, maybe I'll just have to invent or create a short dialog between Mars and Kris with the same title - A Special Request - and is written in Filipino to sort of appease her feeling of disappointment. I just hope she'll find it "cute" and not "corny".


(Kris called up Mars on his cell phone.)


Mars: Hello po!

Kris: Kumusta, my love? Kumain ka na ba?

Mars: Opo. OK lang po.

Kris: Bakit OK lang? Dapat masayang-masaya ka na dahil yumayaman ka na!

Mars: (In his usual humble self) Hindi naman po.

Kris: Kumusta'ng mga kapatid mo?

Mars: OK lang po sila.

Kris: How about your Mama? Nagkakausap ba kayo?

Mars: OK naman po siya. Nagkakausap naman po kami.

Kris: O, sige. Kinumusta lang kita. Tatawagan na lang uli kita. I love you!

Mars: (Boses-babae, a la Regine) I love you, too!

Kris: (Not too pleased) Mars... special request naman... puede ba, boses-lalaki na lang?

Mars: (Boses-lalaki) I love you, too, Kris!