Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There was a time in my life when I perfectly knew how to love—when all I knew was to give, only give much of myself, never ask. You know what? Love then didn't hurt. In fact, I realized that love really was never meant to hurt. And I was happy.

Have you heard that singer yelling in his song, "Love hurts!"? Don't believe him! He must be referring to some emotions other than love.

When I speak of love, I don't simply mean romantic love. I speak of that one which is related in meaning with platonic love… altruism… agape—that of spiritual love.

Romantic love is different from platonic love. Romantic love expects much from the relationship. It is selfish compared with platonic love in that there is something in it that the other party needs and has to get or he or she ends up feeling bad.

Platonic love doesn't expect anything in return. It is that love which is unconditional.

If we love unconditionally, we don't expect much from the object of our affection. We do not ask anything in return for what we have given him or her. All we want is to give and provide.

But "all things must pass—even the beautiful ones… the most beautiful ones!" as what one disc jockey in my youthful past was exclaiming while on the air. Love could be the most beautiful thing in this world! But love, too, can be so fleeting, one final day, it surely will pass.

When the object of our affection is done with us—meaning, he or she no longer needs us—he or she might leave us. But would that make our heart cry? Of course, not! For us, it is mission accomplished! It is an achievement.

Don't be afraid to love. Loving is healthy. It does wonder and is good not only for the other party or the one loved but most importantly, for the one who loves!