Friday, February 13, 2009


I created another blog, also here on It is titled The Lighter Side of Life and is written in Taglish (Tagalog-English). It is intended for Pinoys and foreign nationals who understand Filipino.

This second blog of mine is all about jokes. Its contents are supposed to be a deviation from the too serious topics some bloggers write. Although I plan to include some “adopted jokes” whose authors are unknown, as of this writing, all entries are original and my true-to-life experiences.

I do not know if readers will find them funny, but I hope they won’t find them corny. And in case some appear to be “green” or “for adults only” and kinda offensive, please let me know so I can remove them. I need feedback. And your comments will be most welcome.

So there, dear readers and fellow bloggers, welcome to “The Lighter Side of Life”!


Vanity's Child said...

Wow a new blog! Good luck! i'll check it out. =)

Ron Centeno said...

Visited your new blog. I'm working on the assignment you gave me. I'll be posting it soon. :-)

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

Hi Goddy! Droppin by friend. Good luck sa bago mong blog :)

Ron Centeno said...

You have been tagged my friend. If you feel like doing it visit :