Friday, July 17, 2009


Watch Vincent Bueno’s very impressive performance at Starnacht (Star Night) at Worthersee in Austria as he sings “I Kissed A Girl”.

Also, take note how the late Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had influenced Vincent’s singing and dancing career. Enjoy watching! (Video uploaded by vincentbuenofans on YouTube)


Chronicler said...

I hope Vincent can visit Pinas and do some recordings too. He is well loved by Pinoys all over the world, there's no reason he should not be accepted well in his roots.
Nakapag visit na ba sya sa Pinas?

Goddy said...

Thanks for your comment, Joel! As per Jessica Soho, Vincent has visited the Philippines for at least five (5) times already. Please check this link:

He's got many fans here, too. But, of course, there are so many things to consider for him to try some local opportunities that may come his way. He's very popular in Austria and has to make the most of it. Competition with our local talents who are equally skillful is another factor. And economic-wise, baka mas maganda roon. But I really hope makapag-perform naman siya rito. Honestly, I'd like to meet him in person. And I look forward to owning CDs he has released and will release. Sana maging vey successful siya.

Ron Centeno said...

Another one to be proud of! Musta ka na kaibigan? Pasensiya na matagal akong nawala. Salamat sa lahat ng supporta while I was away.

Goddy said...

Thanks, friend, for your comment and welcome back! We've missed you an awful lot!