Thursday, November 19, 2009


Olongapo, the lone city in Zambales, is a highly urbanized city. Having stayed in this locality longer than I have stayed in my hometown, I consider the place my second home.

Olongapo was dubbed “sin city” in the past especially during the time of the giant U.S. Naval Base. It has a nightlife even until now although not as active as when the U.S. Facility was here and when Magsaysay Drive and portions of Gordon and Rizal Avenues could be observed teeming with U.S. service members on liberty.

Many Olongapo residents, natives and transients alike, have left the City especially after the Mount Pinatubo eruption and the American Bases pullout. Many of them, I believe, would like to see images of the City again. This blog post is for them.

The Victory Liner Terminal near the Ulo ng Apo Rotunda

The Ulo ng Apo Rotunda

The Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center

The Olongapo City Public Market in East Bajac-Bajac

The Olongapo City Hall

The Olongapo City Convention Center

The Olongapo Citi Mall at dusk

The Olongapo Citi Mall

The compound where I reside

Tapinac Oval - a place for joggers and sports events

Tapinac Oval

St. Columban Parish Church

Rizal Ave. viewed from the 4th floor of Crystal Lanes Bldg.

Rizal Ave. fronting Olongapo City Public Market

Prime Theater on Rizal Avenue

Rizal Ave. fronting Rizal Triangle

Gordon Ave. fronting Olongapo Citi Mall

Pag-asa Public Market aka J. L. Gordon Memorial Mall

Magsaysay Drive

Magsaysay Drive leading to SBMA main gate

Magsaysay Drive fronting Olongapo Citi Mall

Magsaysay Drive at night

Magsaysay Drive

Intersection of Gordon Ave. and Magsaysay Drive

Houses on a hillside

Gordon Avenue

Gordon Avenue at dusk

E.T. Tower at the Ulo ng Apo Rotunda

Downtown Olongapo (Rizal Avenue)

Concrete benches at Marikit Park

Burgos St. - the street where I live

An unfinished building on 10th corner Kessing Streets

A portion of Magsaysay Drive at night

A dance group rehearsing on stage at Marikit Park

I look forward to adding more pictures of Olongapo City on this blog post at a later date. I believe pictures of a beach, the grotto in Mabayuan, a waterfall in Gordon Heights, a school campus, and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) viewed from an elevated place would make this blog entry a lot more interesting. So, until then.


Adinra said...

Oddy, ang galing galing mong manguha ng pictures. Ang gaganda ng mga kuha mo.

Goddy said...

Salamat, Nida! I also plan to feature Subic (in pictures) sa mga future blog posts ko.

Siyanga pala, I was able to talk to Vincent Bueno, kangi-kangina lang. Matagal na akong may number niya. I tried dialing his number noon pero defective or old ang battery ng cell phone ko. Now that I have bought a new cel, sinubukan ko. And it was a successful call. Very clear ang voice niya and, of course, tuwang-tuwa siya. He speaks very fluent Tagalog.