Friday, April 2, 2010


Goddy with Loraine (Taken in front of San Pablo City Cathedral)

Affirmations are positive statements or basic ideas about ourselves that we want to happen or take place in our lives. They lift us up when we're down and help increase our self-esteem. It is a sort of mind-setting or conditioning ourselves to thinking what we may actually are not at the moment but what we desire to be or what we really want to experience at some future time.

I listed some self-affirmations which I silently say to myself whenever some ill-intentioned people try to put me down. Whenever I jog or take a brisk walk at the Tapinac Oval, I say them aloud. I am sharing them with you...

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I forgive and release all those who have wronged and hurt me.

I like myself.

I am proud of myself.

I am at peace with myself.

I am at peace with God.

I love God.

I receive God's forgiveness and blessings.

I feel God's love.


kcatwoman said...

its really great to have a positive outlook. sabi nga rin sakin dati, you have to do self psychosis for you to make life happier, it must be the same with affirmations

LDS Filipina
Best pinay

Goddy said...

Hi kcatwoman! Thanks for dropping by my page! Self-psychosis? Don't know about that! Well, whatever you call them, they're done with pretty good intentions, 'di ba? Ingat. God bless! I'll be visiting your blog, too.

irish on bizz said...

hi goddy..kinda back to my blog.. i miss blogging its just sad that fluxlife is not yet back..whoa i miss all my friends here..anyways, i see your being pessimistic today huh..and your being religiously active.. well that was me a month ago, hehe i think I'm more back now to my religion..

Keep it up!!!!♥♥♥MISSES♥♥♥

God bless

irish on bizz said...

ron centeno is not posting either waaaah