Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I joined Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic organization intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life and which highlights fellowship among its members. My membership in the said organization was made possible when I learned about the holding of its Christian Life Program (CLP) Seminar from our former Administrative Officer, Nida Arganoza, who encouraged and invited me to join the said seminar.

I’d like to think that that was a pleasant coincidence since I was really looking for a religious group where I could meet my need to belong. I’ve been all alone for so long in Olongapo and that was a pretty boring situation. Besides, solitary living has made me vulnerable to stress as well as depression. There was just no one to turn to during trying times.

Anyway, I attended CLP and finished the seminar last May, 2009. That officially made me a member of the CFC – Servants of the Lord (SOLD) ministry.

In the SOLD ministry, we hold our household meeting every Thursday under the able leadership of our very pleasant Team Leader, Ronald Rondez, of the SBMA Labor Department.

Although our household meeting isn’t carried out regularly at present, every SOLD member looks forward to holding said meeting regularly in the coming Thursdays or any day of every week it will be scheduled.

The CFC, being a Catholic organization has, somehow, helped put my Christian values in place. I have found new friends and acquaintances who made me feel wanted… who made me feel I belong. I honestly believe and feel that my membership in the CFC is instrumental in my mapping out of plans and personal programs for improvement for 2010. The CFC has become a godly and lively community for me. It is my support group.

Some of the activities at the CFC that made me socially active were the CLP Seminar held at the San Roque Parish Church (Subic Chapel) and which wound up on December 3, 2009; the CFC-Zambales 20th Anniversary celebration held at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center (SBECC) on December 5, 2009; and the CFC Family Day held at the covered court just opposite the Lyceum of Subic on December 12, 2009. I am uploading some pictures I personally took during said events.


The Subic Chapel (San Roque Church)

The Christian Life Program (CLP) class

The CLP graduates


CFC-Zambales 20th Anniversary banner

Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center - the venue

A joyful anniversary celebration

Anniversary Raffle Prizes

Attentive Audience

Bro. Ronald Rondez, SOLD Team Leader

Happy until end of program

Mark Cruz, Youth for Christ Leader

YFC Leader Mark Cruz


Family Day breaktime

Covered court opposite Lyceum of Subic

CFC Family Day


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